What is LA Flex?

Flexible Eligibility, sometimes known as LA Flex, is a feature of the ECO4 phase of the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme.

Councils and Local Authorities have the authority to expand the ECO eligibility requirements, enabling them to customise energy efficiency programmes for their particular region.

This makes it possible for numerous other residents—in addition to those receiving benefits—to qualify for ECO funding, sometimes due to low incomes, poor health, advanced age, or geographic location, providing councils the ability to assist individual communities.

LA Flex must establish standards for determining if households are at risk of living in a cold house due to low income or fuel poverty.

Local governments can use LA Flex to assist homeowners in gaining the benefits of installing home energy efficiency measures. However, tenants of social housing are not eligible for the Flexible Eligibility method. Visit the GOV.UK website by clicking here to read more about what the government has to say about the ECO Scheme.

The two main eligibility groups for LA Flex are as follows:

  • Households with limited access to fuel, particularly those with low incomes and those who do not get ECO-eligible benefits; and
  • Low-income households who are particularly susceptible to the effects of cold weather.

LA Flex is geared toward people who are low-income but not receiving benefits and people who are in circumstances where living in a cold house could make matters worse. These would be those who are elderly, pregnant, or who have young children (under 5), as well as people who have medical disorders that are made worse by chilly situations.

Most local governments define “Low Income” households as those with household annual incomes of less than £27,000 however these numbers can vary, especially in places with higher-than-average cost of living. To qualify for LA Flex Funding, your household must be a “Low Income Household” and meet one of the requirements that make living in a cold home detrimental to you.