Certified installers of smart meters

We all want to use less energy, emit fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and do it while spending less money on energy.

Because of this, the UK government has ordered energy providers to put 53 million smart meters in residences and commercial buildings throughout England, Scotland, and Wales by the year 2020.

How are smart meters operated?

They capture readings on a monthly, daily, or half-hourly basis and communicate them over a secure wireless network to your energy provider. This applies to both gas and electric meters.

They connect to a mobile home display device that resembles a tablet so you can see what and when you’re using it.

Advantages of smart meters?

  • They enable you to monitor your energy consumption in real time.
  • They provide you with the price in pounds and pence of the item you are using.
  • They direct you toward areas where you can cut costs and carbon emissions.
  • They eliminate the need for estimated bills or meter readings.
  • If there is a problem with the energy supply, they notify your supplier.
  • They aid in more precise grid energy supply planning.

Smart Meter cost’s for you?

Smart energy meters are free of additional fees. Your meter and its upkeep are already covered by your monthly fees. With the installation of a smart meter, it will remain that way.

How EcoFit UK can assist?

We’ve found that just a small percentage of household electricians have undergone cross-training for the smart meter role, with 90% of current smart meter installers being gas engineers who have completed a top-up course to install electric meters.

You deserve better.

That is not acceptable to us in the eyes of our clients. Electricity and gas meters differ greatly from one another, and both are replaced with the installation of a smart meter. Because of this, we have made the choice to use smart meter installers who are fully qualified and have vast experience installing both gas and electric meters.

In our delivery programme, we prioritize excellent customer service, high-caliber workmanship, and customer safety.

In collaboration with and on behalf of required energy suppliers, ECOFIT UK installs smart meters. Visit the official Smart Energy GB website to learn more about the roll-out of Smart Meters.